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Educational Assistants

Educational Assistants are assigned to a school and report to a school Principal. Hiring for permanent Educational Assistant positions is concentrated in May, June and September.

Internal applicants must apply separately to each position in which they are interested. Internal qualified employees, who are members of the bargaining unit, will be considered first for any vacant position.

Minimum requirements for educational assistant positions are:
  • University degree or college diploma in a related field of study
  • Experience/training in working with young people with special needs, specifically physical and intellectual disabilities and behavioural or other learning difficulties
  • Experience/training in working with students who are exhibiting severe behavioural emotional difficulties
  • Ability to work in a variety of educational settings is very important
Interested in Applying?

We look forward to receiving your application!

If you are interested in an Educational Assistant position with our Board, please ensure that your résumé is registered with Apply To Education at as we only accept Educational Assistant applications through Apply to Education.

Paper applications for Educational Assistant positions will not be considered for employment and will not be maintained on record.

Application Requirements:

To apply for any Educational Assistant position (permanent, temporary or daily supply) a complete application consisting of the following items must be received through Apply to Education. Please note that the omission of any of these items shall constitute an incomplete application and will not be considered.
  1. Cover Letter of Introduction
  2. Résumé
  3. Copy of Diploma or Degree
  4. The names and contact information of three Professional References (Personal References will not be accepted).