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Published on Jan 9, 2018 15:51

Dear Parents and Guardians,

As we approach the end of the first semester and our preparations for final exams are underway, please note that we encourage students to seek extra help when needed. Students are encouraged to talk with their subject teachers, Resource, Student Success and/or Guidance.

Final exams are scheduled according to the Semester 1, Week 1 structure.

Exam Schedule:
Thursday, January 25th 9:00 AM Period 1
Friday, January 26th 9:00 AM Period 2
Monday, January 29th 9:00 AM Period 3
Tuesday, January 30th 9:00 AM Period 4
Wednesday, January 31st Exam Conflict Day

All exams begin promptly at the times listed above. It is good practice to be 15 minutes early. Please note that if a student is late for an exam they will only have the time remaining in order to complete the exam.

The exams will be written in the student's regular classroom, unless otherwise indicated on the exam schedule posted in classrooms. Students are free to leave the building following their exam and should arrange for transportation home. There will be no change to the bus schedules. Bus pick-up in the morning and departure from school in the afternoon will be at regular times.

Inclement Weather:
In the event of a bus cancellation day all exams are pushed back a day in the same sequence.

Practical Exams:
Please note that some courses also have a practical exam component that will occur in their regular class before our exams begin. Parents are asked to view the school calendar on the school website for further details.


Full attendance during exams is essential to success. Students must attend their exams unless medically ill or for reasons beyond their family's control. Students absent due to illness will require a doctor's note upon their return. Students absent without cause or parental verification may receive a mark of zero. Out of school activities such as vacations and tournaments are not to be scheduled during this time.

During the exam period, students are required to be in full uniform. This applies not only to the time that students are writing the exam, but also to the entire time that they are on school premises.

Students are to return textbooks to their subject teacher at the commencement of their exam or when specified. If the textbook is lost then a cheque made payable to Jean Vanier Catholic High School can be brought to the main office. The replacement amount can be obtained from your teacher.

Access to School Premises:
During the exam period, students are allowed to be on the school premises for the purposes of writing their exams or studying quietly for exams. Students may study quietly for their exams in the cafeteria. However, cafeteria services will not be provided. Students are not to be in the halls during exam times. After exams are complete, students are to go quietly to the cafeteria or exit the building with parental permission.

Final Reports:
Semester 1 final report cards will be sent home with students the week of February 12th.

We wish all students the very best as they enter this important assessment time. We are aware that it can be a stressful process to prepare and write exams and because of this we remind you that we are here to support your child’s success. God bless and Good Luck as we wrap up our first semester!