Our History

On September 3, 1985, Jean Vanier Catholic High School opened its doors to 40 students at St. Mary's Church. In 1986 the school moved to its present location and consisted of one hall with 6 classrooms and a library. The school population grew quickly which required the building of the present facility in 1994. 

Clayton Capes, President of the 1994 Student Council, and Mr. Robert Gill, trustee for the School Board, lend each other a hand at the official ground breaking.

Unlike the original school which had one hall and five classrooms,  the present Jean Vanier High School boasts a double gymnasium, a cafeteria with a stage, a music room, art and tech areas, computer labs, a chapel, an expanded library, student achievement centre and several academic wings.

In 2005, an addition was completed that added 10 more classrooms to the school including a computer equipped photography room.

In the current year Jean Vanier has over 650 students and more than 40 staff members.